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Feature: Swapping Position If Trapped

Craban - 27.08.2010 13:16:14

What is it?

It is an additional option for a trapped character to have a chance to still get out of the trap.

If someone receives PvP damage, the server checks whether this character can move to at least one of the squares around him. If this is not the case, all characters standing on one of those squares are marked for him with a beige square around him. Now, the trapped character can walk either by cursor or by mouseclick on any of these fields and will thereby switch positions with that character.


- If the trapped character was aggressive against one of those blockers (he attacked first so got a yellow or white skull for it), he cannot swap with that character for 60 seconds since the last damage.
- If this character has already swapped with the other character, they have to wait 5 seconds to swap again with each other. They can however continue to swap with other trappers.


- We will start with a standard delay of 1 second on a swap (plus the usual walking speed delay when you walk).

Other things:

- If one of the fields is blocked by a stack of characters, the top character is the one that counts. If the target is allowed to swap with him, that top character will be pulled onto the targets field and the target will enter the stack all the way down.
- If the target stands on a fire field, he can still swap, so yes, he will pull his trapper onto that field.

What should be tested?

- Does it work correctly?
- Are there ways to abuse this?
-- Check especially for the fire field issue
- Does it actually help the right people?
- Are the delays ok?
-- Check especially the speed for several character levels. We do not want to make it too easy for high levels to get out, but still possible for low levels.
- Does it break anything else in the game?

Fixes Sat, 11:15 CEST:

- Swapping speed is very fast --> Now set to 2 seconds for the swapper and still 1 second for the one being swapped with, continue testing with this.

Fixes Tue, 12:30 CEST:

- Passing level / quest doors not possible.
- Swapping into a stack does work only not if the top creature is not a player character.
- Boxes should only appear with characters you can really swap with at that moment. This will also let the client know when to not do snap backs or early walks for you.
- Swapping someone onto player created magic fields will destroy that field.
- Swapping ability only stays on until you swap the first time. You can only swap further if you also receive further PvP attacks on you.
- Standing at the edge of a PZ while being PZ-blocked will also count towards a trap.

Fixes Wed, 20:00 CEST:

- You can now also swap with all summons and all monsters that can be pushed. Additionally, like on Optional PvP you can now generally push all summons, even if that monster would usually not be pushable.

Fixes Fri 9.10. 18:00 CEST:

- The above fix concerning monsters now works with the new client.

Fixes Tue 9.14. 13:30 CEST:

- Fixed the trap detection that did not activate if the victim stood in front of an open door to a house he may not enter.
- Swapping delay slightly reduced because of the delay on item use (like potions and runes)

Suggested improvements