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Feature: PZ On Demand

Craban - 27.08.2010 13:04:48

What is it?

This is also a fix to a problem that was always there in Tibia, but which only became visible to the players last year. Currently, you can completely become invisible if you go into a stack of creatures. This makes you unattackable and is especially abused to hide skulled characters. It is also abused to build stacks as traps because someone who is so far down a stack can currently not attack anything or anyone.

The fix is that from now on, you can see ALL player characters on a stack in your battle list. That also means that you can attack them using the battle list. On your game screen, still only the top 8 characters will show.

Also, someone who is deep in a stack can perform all actions again as it was before. Yes, this means that stack canons at stairs are back, but since these cannot move anywhere, we fell that this is bearable.

What should be tested?

- Does it work correctly?
- Are there ways to abuse this (apart from the stack canons)?
- Does it break anything else in the game?

Fixes Tue, 12:30 CEST:

- We will try to limit stack canons by not allowing those deep down a stack (those that used to be invisible) to directly attack other characters. For consistency sake, we now set the same restrictions that you also have on Optional PvP, so no direct PvP attacks and no area attacks that can harm other players.

Fixes Tue 9.14. 13:30 CEST:

- Took the fix out again, so stack canons yes, but absolutely no PZ on demand.
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