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Feature: Fair Fight Rules

Craban - 27.08.2010 12:52:14

What is it?

If someone is killed in PvP (has received at least 50% of the damage that killed him through PvP), we will reduce the death penalty on level and skills according to a certain formula.

The victim level and all levels of all those who healed or buffed the victim prior to his death devided by all levels of all attackers and blockers together. The resulting number will be used to multiply the death penalty after all blessings etc have already been counted, so if a level 50 gets killed by a level 100 --> 50 / 100 = 0,5, so the death penalty will in this case be reduced by 50%.

The death penalty will not be increased, so if this is >1, the factor stays 1.

The reduction will be limited to a maximum of 80%, so if this factor goes below 0,2, we will set it to 0,2.

It applies to all characters, also red or black skulls etc.

If the death penalty has been changed (factor was < 1) you get a message when you die by how much your death penalty has been reduced.

What should be tested?

- Does it work correctly?
- Is the reduction ok for all level ranges?
- Are there ways to abuse this?
- Does it actually help the right people?
- Does it break anything else in the game?

Fixes Tue, 12:30 CEST:

- FFRs will not reduce item loss
- The 50% damage rule cannot be changed the way it was suggested, so what we will try is set it to at least 40% must be PvP damage and all damage is only counted from the last 60 seconds (moster damamge used to be counted with no time limit).
- The reduction message will now be shown at the same time with the "You are dead" message so you instantly see that there is something different. Better than nothing I guess.

Fixes Fri 9.10. 18:00 CEST:

- The message about the reduction of the death penalty is now shown in that popup box instead of the game window.

Fixes Wed, 20:00 CEST:

- Let trapped players also swap with monsters / summons. It is likely that we will only let them swap with monsters that can be pushed too which applies to all summonable monsters as far as I know.
- Summons damage will now count fully to the 40% rule, only if the summon dies before the victim, this cannot be done.
- Fair Fight Rules will no longer count healers / buffers if they do not do anything else (attack or assist)

Suggested Improvements

"No Can Do"

- Show the reduction message after relogin in the server log - we have no way to save that across sessions.
- Count damage from summons fully as PvP doesn't work because it would break when the summons are killed before the victim, so we prefer avoiding that kind of confusion.
- Extend the 50% damage rule due to kills during hunts (proposal: add an OR rule for 30% PvP damage within 10 seconds and final blow is by a player / summon) - this also doesn't really work because the server does not really save when exactly damage was done, so the 10 seconds can actually currently not be calculated.
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