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Feature: Assisted Kills

Craban - 27.08.2010 12:44:50

What is it?

All it means is that if you paralyze someone or just help trapping someone who then dies, you will also be listed as killer but you will not suffer any repercussions for it. This kill you will see marked as "assisted" in a neutral colour in your kills list.

What should be tested?

Since we will not have a website at the beginning, there is really nothing much you can test at the beginning. I will check whether assisted kills are correctly entered into the database, you just test the rest.


- On Optional PvP, non-war characters can get an assisted kill by standing beside a victim. Non-war assisted kills will therefore be removed and if a war character acts only as assist, we will list that as war related kill.


- Separate the killers and the assisters in the death list on the website.

Fixes Tue, 12:30 CEST:

- We will extend this check to also include those into the calculation of "assisting killers" for the kill list and the FFRs that have shot an mwall / wild growth that also blocked the victim upon death.

Fixes Fri 9.10. 18:00 CEST:

- If you help trapping yourself with a magic wall or similar, you will now not be counted as assisted killer anymore.

Fixes Tue 9.14. 13:30 CEST:

- Assisted kills are now displayed on the website in the character deaths list in a seperate line so they can be distinguished from killers.
- On Optional PvP, assisted kills will be listed as war related because they can only be produced by people who are in the same war.
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