Ogrey - 22.03.2010 16:48:28


> Regarding this post, would it be prohibited to use
> name Flex or ActionScript in topics?

It's okay to name them. But you should not provide links or instructions like "go to the website of <name>..." or something like that in your posts.

> What, if there could be a thread for people that are
> tasting this language?

You can, of course, start a thread on a board that fits to this topic and discuss it with other players. Our programmers, however, are pretty busy and not able to discuss programming stuff with the community on a regular basis. Maybe in a dedicated thread on the discussion board one day, like in a dev note.

> What I mean is that other games used to release a
> platform where players could create content for the
> game. Would it ever happen with Tibia? Or at least a
> sub-forum for such topics.

I wouldn't say that I will never happen, but I haven't heard of any plan about that so far.