Ogrey - 15.03.2010 15:57:40


> I still wish there was some info about the flash
> client with relation to kicks

Kicks are an issue at Cip, of course. They are, however, not directly linked to client development. Rather, they involve quite a number of different factors, especially regarding the connection quality. So I wouldn't really say that there's a special focus on this issue within the scope of the Flash client project itself.

> client is going to be made in Flash code-base right?

Yes, currently it's all about the programming language. We are using ActionScript 3.0 and Adobe's Flex SDK.

> hmmmmm is there plans to introduce sounds within
> this flash client?

No, actually not.

> the client (current) will still work after the
> update?

First of all, to make it clear once again, we will NOT introduce a Flash client anytime soon! So, until further notice, there will only be one client: the current one.
Secondly, it is far from clear yet whether there will be two clients in the future (one based on Flash, the other on C++) or not. This will be decided at a later date.

Thanks a lot for the many hints some of you have posted here about Flash, HTML 5, GUI styles and effects etc.!