Ogrey - 12.03.2010 13:24:34

Hi again!

Indeed, it is much too early to provide detailled answers as most of the things you are now interested in are far from decided yet.

However, I'm pretty confident that further sneak peeks on the Flash client will be launched over the course of this year - maybe even with some more hard facts included.

Since work is still in progress, there aren't any detailled plans for a release yet, neither internal nor public. So I guess you may expect it next year at the earliest.

Concerning the chat console: of course, we know that all of you love the present one! So, if there should be any usability changes, we will do them carefully and considerably.

> Comon ogrey go thief more info from them! just walk
> in with a gun and demand more flash client info

I did that. But the programmers are tough guys. They instantly beared me down, took my gun, tied me up and chained me to our office roof for a couple of hours - head first! I've really been in trouble. And what for? To provide you guys with information!!!