2. Further information

Ogrey - 11.03.2010 17:46:23


I decided to prepone my post and not to wait until tomorrow...

The Flash client is currently in development and there is still a loooong way ahead of us. So there will definitely not be a release anytime soon. The news was a "sneak peek", a first impression, a flash forward (nice pun, heh?).

Further, this little news isn't a teaser for the spring patch, also not for the summer update. Just a first look on things that might come one day in the future.

So far, a decision concerning actual whether effects in Tibia hasn't been made yet. It is too early to make any forecast about that now.

The fog you could see in the image is a first visual effect we experimented with. Don't be worried about your framerate. We will keep a close eye on the Flash client's performance in all development stages.

By the way, the Flash client will not be a mere clone of the current client. Instead, we really want to improve it a lot as compared with the current one,
especially with regards to accessability and usability aspects.

As soon as the dev team has some more news for us, we will let you know.