1. A statement from Ihsua Beris

Ogrey - 11.03.2010 17:16:32

Dear Tibians,

it's time to shed some light upon this "sneak peek" and to explain a bit what it is about.

Some of you already guessed right: the screenshot is taken from the Tibia Flash client we are currently working on. We didn't provide much information about it in the past since most of what has been done so far was mainly technical and not really sweet to look at.

But recently we have reached a point where we could experiment a little with graphical issues - you could see one foggy example in the news. So I had a little chat with Ihsua Beris, the Cip programmer in charge of the project, and asked him to provide an overview of the client development for you.

It's quite likely that you have never met Ihsua Beris before. He created his char exclusively for this little sneak peek presentation. Here we go:

Ihsua Beris: "Hello everybody! I'm glad to tell you a bit about the Tibia Flash client, a project we have been working on for quite a while now. The work is still in progress and we are far from finished with it. All in all, I can say that we have worked a lot with the feedback many of you have provided through the different channels our community managers keep ready for you all the time.

During the last months, we focused primarily on the client's technical aspects. First, we did a fundamental evaluation whether or not the Flash platform suits our needs at all, and then laid down the foundations for the Flash Client. We started with implementing an extended chat console and experimented with some new features for it.

Then we went on to the game window. In some aspects, like e.g. the rendering algorithm, the new Flash client is heavily based on the current client. However, not only did we fix some minor graphics inconsistencies but - as you can see from the fog in the screenshot - we also added transparency effects and we greatly extended the animation capabilities of the client. This will hopefully allow our content designers to make their darkest visions of Tibia come true one day, hehe.

Finally, we spent much effort on making the Flash Client fast enough to play even on older machines.

As the basics are now taken care of, we will focus on usability aspects. We have to make adjustments in several areas, like e.g. the hotkeys, in order to adopt to the Flash platform. Besides our own ideas, we are also trying to adopt further suggestions from you, the community, in order to make the Flash Client easier and more convenient to use. Stay tuned! We've still got a long way to go but we are working hard to get it done."

I hope you liked our little sneak peek! In a further post later on, I will take up your comments and questions.