Ogrey - 10.11.2009 14:22:18

Hi everybody,

let me comment on some of your posts:

About the flash client
There are several reasons why we made the decision to experiment with a flash client. One reason is that no installation will be needed any more if you want to start playing Tibia. Flash makes the game browser-based which means that it will be much more accessible for new players. Another reason is that Tibia will be playable on Windows and Mac alike. And a third reason is that some features are probably more easier to implement with Flash.

Anyway, we are still experimenting and have to find out if all this works out. There is still a lot of work to do for us, so.... no, there will definitely not be a flash client this year.

Flash client pictures
It is too early to reveal first-look images, sorry. But when the time has come we will do.

Interviews as featured articles
Good to see that many of you liked the interview with Akananto. That made him happy! Actually, we will of course continue with making interviews like that.

Interview made in English?
We didn't do the interview in English. We did it in German and translated it for you guys afterwards.

Technical questions
Questions concerning client-based lags and GNASH... well... give me some time to gather some information for you. Akananto is currently busy and whirling through the offices like a whirlwind... I'm after him.