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Akananto - 19.11.2009 10:45:46

@ Jeagoss Astera

As I said we do not consider the raw drawing speed of Flex a "problem" at the moment and as soon as Flash gets true hardware acceleration it will hit the afterburner anyway.

I'll keep your hint about compressed XML in my mind.

> Many developers would not do this

Hey, they let me out for this thread so I'll enjoy my freedom

> It would be great if this was kept up in some form
> during your development processes

We'll see. I know that Ogrey likes this thread and he's in the "talking with the community" business...

@ Kana Crystalheart

The Tibia game server is written in C++, uses our own network library, includes some code from Boost and runs on CentOS Linux.

The Tibia client is written in C++, uses DirectX and OpenGL, uses MFC for the network functions on Windows and runs on everything between Windows 95 (hihi) and Windows 7 plus on Linux (at least on Fedora, CentOS, Debian).

Support for other operating systems (MacOS, Unix, etc.) is currently not planned as we first try to make this possible with the Tibia Flash client. To be honest, our numbers show that the vast majority of Tibia players uses Windows. And with "vast" I mean "not completely 100%". Despite the fact that we offer the Tibia client even for Linux.

Regarding cryptographic protocols the Tibia client uses RSA for login and XTEA for all other network communication.

As databases we're using PostgreSQL.

The NPCs in Tibia and TibiaME use a proprietary scripting language. The whole "items react with each other and change into other things" system uses another proprietary scripting language, too. On the other hand we're now using LUA as scripting language in the upcoming FictionFighters but all its gamer servers and other servers are written in C++, too.

I won't comment on anything regarding cheating, sorry.

@ Karlkoninan

> I thought the whole time the flash client would be a client
> you installed somehow but it seems like it's going to be web
> based, just like all other flash applications..

Not decided yet. There is Adobe AIR which can be used to create "standalone" Flex/Flash applications. But indeed the "web-based" version is our first goal.

@ Misericordiae

> Moving from binary executable to web technologies is a great
> step for Tibia in my opinion. It can make Tibia to a great
> extent independent from OS that you run on your computer,
> thus allowing people on linux or macosx to play game without
> drastic fall in performance. In longer term it will also make
> developing much easier.

"yes", "yes", "yes" and double "yes"! Totally absolutely completely correct!

As you said the whole canvas/HTML5/WebGL development currently goes fast forward but it has not really "arrived" yet. On the other hand Flash/Flex is a development and deployment platform which is already "here" for several years now. Personally I'm watching all those "making cool stuff in the browser" technologies very closely but from a business point of view it just seems to early to rely on technology which still is in such an experimental state.

@ Jeagoss Astera

Please not forget one of the biggest reasons for a web based client: accessibility. We discussed this topic A LOT (in capital letters and bold) and with a web-based client we could make several things easier and better. Especially stuff which is very complex and error prone at the moment, e.x. "complete stranger stumbles on the Tibia website and <insert a lot of tasks here> and finally kills his first rat". That stranger needs information, an account, a client, a character and plenty more things - and it all could be a lot easier.

@ everybody

This thread turned into a really nice, constructive discussion