4. Akananto says... III

Akananto - 16.11.2009 10:18:01

@Aleppe: ah, ok, it gets clearer now. Indeed we're using a mix of HTTP and HTTPS (but we are not using allowInsecureDomain yet) and indeed this is not perfect in every way - but we can't simply deliver everything over HTTPS as our web servers would be overwhelmed by that. We already had several discussions about security and I assume we will have a couple more of them. We take the whole "security" topic very serious.

@Jeagoss Astera: nice to see you here and nice that your post brings up some good constructive criticism. I'll share a couple of comments now:

Tibia Flash client in browser + browser crash = Tibia gone. Yes, unfortunately. And don't speak about the even greater evil: THE BACK BUTTON! Nevertheless those disadvantages look like some we can handle, especially as the browser trend goes to separation of processes for each window, like already in Google Chrome for example.

Despite the fact that the 2D drawing in Flash is software based only it is lighting fast. Actually the drawing itself is the smallest of our performance hurdles. And it will get even better when Flash gets truly hardware accelerated.

I've personally tried SDL for a hobby project and -to be honest- I hated it because it is so complicated. In addition the drawing in SDL itself is only software based, too, and if you want hardware acceleration you have to tell SDL "provide me a context and I'll do all the OpenGL stuff myself". In my opinion there are far better cross platform 2D libraries out there. But before we use any of those we will first try it in Flash.

Compressed XML being smaller than a specialized binary format? Hmm, while I can't prove anything I highly doubt that. On the other side please even note that Tibia uses the TCP protocol and not the UDP protocol like many other "fast paced" (e.x. shooter) games. That's a decision for "reliability over performance".

...and finally some big "soooorry" to all the people we lost when we started our "geek speak" in here