3. Akananto says... II

Akananto - 11.11.2009 13:01:08

Originally posted by Mentor Aragoth on 09.11.2009 14:33:05
> I just remembered something I wanted to ask...
> Do you all speak perfect english or just have a very
> good translator?

All the community managers and the customer support representatives speak very good English (and some other languages, too). Probably everybody here at CipSoft is able to speak English in some way. The programmers are at least able to read English quite good as nearly all technical documentation about programming is written in English. In addition most of our source code (C++, PHP, ActionScript, etc.) is completely in English because a mix of English in German in source code is sooooo much more difficult to understand than just writing everything in one language. Personally I assume I speak quite good English, too, as I'm a native Internet inhabitant and have played several computer games with people from all over the world (TeamSpeak rocks!).

Originally posted by Ogrey on 10.11.2009 14:22:18:
> We didn't do the interview in English. We did it in
> German and translated it for you guys afterwards.

Hey, I answered some questions in English! (which is pretty wicked when your mind starts thinking in a different language than your mother language)

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