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Akananto - 11.11.2009 13:00:31

Thank you for the nice answers - and the hug!

Ogrey told me to do some follow-up so here we go:

Originally posted by Beejay squeek on 06.11.2009 17:15:46:
> I'm just wondering about the client-based lag, is
> this fixable from the programmers side and/or the
> players side? (as Akananto didn't mention this in the
> article)

A fast computer will help of course but there's not much else a player can do.

Most of the client-based lag is simply not avoidable as some things simply have to be done, e.x. copying graphics (sprites) from the hard disc ("Tibia.spr" file) to main memory to video card memory. Some parts might be further optimized by the programmer (well, me) but in this very case it would require several major changes (and so a lot of programming time) in the client. If it would be easy we would have done it already. Currently the major changes regarding graphics in the client are put on hold until our experiment with the Flash client brought some result.

Originally posted by Beejay squeek on 06.11.2009 17:15:46:
> And has it perhaps been fixed in this latest update?
> (or when the patch was made to help with vista/nvidia
> computers as I remember there being test server about
> this)

No, that was a fix regarding stability on Windows Vista (and only Vista) when using the "DirectX9" graphics engine in the client.

Originally posted by Morelius on 06.11.2009 18:45:03:
> Just wondering, who does the mapping? I know
> Nightmare used to do/does some but I suppose he
> doesn't do it all by himself.

The majority of the content design team does: Chayenne (who even is the team leader), Knightmare, Denson Larika and by now Lionet (he was in customer support before). Jan makes all the beautiful graphics for Tibia and the rest of the content design team (4 persons) is reponsible for TibiaME and FictionFighters.

Edit: read the featured article "Content Team - The Creative Department" from 2. June 2008 for more details.

Originally posted by Dwimeron de'Qel on 06.11.2009 21:09:56:
> Flash client...sure, why not. But here comes the
> question: which flash player?

That question is not answered yet. Currently the minimum requirement is Flash 10 but it might even get higher (Flash 10.1 brings a global error handler, yay!).

Originally posted by Dwimeron de'Qel on 06.11.2009 21:09:56:
> Obviously Adobe Flash Player, for most part of
> players. But what about GNASH?
> Will tibia flash client also support this? Or at
> least be written in a way that can be run under

We haven't tested GNASH yet. Probably we will do that somewhen but because the vast majority of the current Tibia players play on Windows our current target clearly is Adobe's Flash Player on Windows. After that comes Adobe's Flash Player on Linux and on Mac. What comes afterwards, well, we'll see.

Originally posted by Gladius-Maximus on 07.11.2009 04:26:43:
> i dont think akranto said that stuff thats what
> cipsoft said they just wrote the script

Since I'm part of CipSoft it is actually correct that CipSoft wrote the script (the answers actually). In addition the community managers are part of CipSoft and they helped to write the script (the questions actually). So we all are CipSoft and together we wrote the script.