9. Reasons for a Flash client

Ogrey - 07.12.2009 13:32:09

Hello everybody,

there's not that much discussion going on any more since Akananto has left. So I'll close the thread after my post.

Regarding the Flash client, let me conclude with a summary made by Akananto: Why are we working on a browser-based / Flash-based Tibia client and which benefits do we see?

- runs wherever Adobe Flash runs (Windows, Linux, Mac)
- no manual installation required (in case you already have Adobe Flash installed, which most people indeed have)
- better self-updating process of the client
- easier access from internet cafes
- tighter integration between website (account management, character info pages, spell lists, maps etc.) and game (ingame character)
- play your character with your hotkeys and your settings from whichever computer you want
- ...and you all have your browser open all the time anyway, don't you?!

Thanks a lot for this productive discussion!