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Akananto - 03.12.2009 10:45:51

@Hightek: so far we only use a very small number of automatic testing tools. Because the whole infrastructure for a full-fledged MMORPG is so complex it is very hard to create and maintain automatic testing tools for it. On the other hand we made a huge leap regarding quality (*) by hiring a full-time software tester half a year ago. Actually he did so well that we are already looking for a second full-time software tester.

(*) = ...and please don't start talking about the technical issues of the recent weeks now. To explain those I would have to go into details I simply can't state in public. If I'd do nevertheless I'd soooo get spanked by the community managers and by my bosses. I'll just hint at the fact that nobody is happy about the problems of the last weeks.


> ...because I can see not in tibia

Then you obviously don't see how big Tibia really is and what a huge puzzle of servers, services and tools is required to run a MMORPG.


> But with this flash thing, cant people just open 10
> internet explorer things and have 10 tibia's running?

Good observation. Indeed multiclienting is an issue which requires a whole new look on the topic. We are aware of it but haven't made a decision yet.

> Hows the weather down there in germany?

It's getting cold and rainy. Especially rainy. Which actually is a great excuse to be indoor all day and sit in front of computers. And play games. Oh, yeah, I love games.

@Chen Li: regarding the website-one-must-not-speak-off-in-public it would be nice if you would send an email to customer support (support@tibia.com) including the link to the website and the subject "link for Akananto". In the last months/updates we have not really changed anything on the Tibia Linux client so I have no clue why it should work better now. I only know of an issue in combination with the window manager Compiz which might have been fixed by a new version of Compiz. Regarding the download numbers please be aware that we try to detect the use of Wine so the Wine users are included within the Linux users. By the way, what version of Windows do you tell Wine to emulate? (you might include that info in the email, too).

@Zelush: the main reason against JavaFX is the fact that Flash is by far more widespread than Java. In addition I personally had horrible experiences with getting Java to work in Firefox 3.5 on Windows Vista 64 Bit. I consider this combination of operating system and browser really common and so I would expect that Java installs really easy/fast/errorfree on such a system. But it didn't. Took me three evenings to get it work. Ugh. And I'm a professional programmer, not a average teenage Tibia player who has no clue about runtime environments, user account control, browser plugins or system registry settings.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for participating in this discussion thread, I really enjoyed it. I made some notes, I will keep some things in mind and I'll try make such a discussion possible once again some later time. Nevertheless this thread will probably be closed soon, just like all other threads in the Discussion board get closed after a couple of weeks. In addition I'll soon be busy with wrapping up the Tibia client for the Christmas Update which you all will hopefully enjoy. Probably there even is no need for panic regarding the update itself as our external testserver is running reeeeeeally smooth currently

Greetings from a rainy Germany,