7. Akananto says... VI

Akananto - 26.11.2009 12:13:36

@ Melinde Merenwen:

> Would it be possible to use both clients to run the game,
> so people could have an option?

Of course that would be possible but -as I already said- we have not made any decision about this yet.

@ Exaga:

> However, Nasa didn't put men on the moon by sticking with
> what they already knew, they had to pioneer and look outside
> their little sand-box in order to fulfill their dreams.

Nice analogy but please don't forget that NASA probably didn't have a limited budget to beat the Russians in the race to the moon.

@ Jeagoss Astera:

> [regarding decompilation of Flash applications]

We already tried out each and every Flash obfuscator and Flash decompiler we were able to find in the internet. Based on those tests we'll implement something we consider appropriate but for obvious reasons I won't go into details in public at this time.

> Since you are talking a lot on it, it sounds like you are
> trying to keep a similar code base between Tibia and
> Fiction Fighters. True?

Yes and no.

Yes because we meanwhile have a CipSoft internal generic code library called "CipLib" which includes code we need and use all the time: multithreading, networking, logging, command line argument parsing, Unicode handling and so on. This library will soon be the base for all our servers and server-side tools.

No because Fiction Fighters is a totally different game than Tibia and already the basic architecture among the differnt servers and services is completely different. The gameplay differs even more. In addition we have learned a lot from Tibia and TibiaME and already use that knowledge while making Fiction Fighters.

Still very similar are the game servers of Tibia and TibiaME as their server side technology (many players, network connections, tile based world, etc.) is pretty much identical. Just that the more complex combat rule system of Tibia (melee and distance fighting, spells, runes, etc.) got replaced by the way more simple combat rule system of TibiaME (melee fighting only, automatic attack, etc. - but meanwhile they got spells, too).

@ Shadow of Moridin:

Very good, very short summary.

@ Xavizo:

Indeed kids start using PCs and the internet very soon, but it should become a matter of course that even those kids learn the "do-s" and "don't-s" of the internet - one of them being the use firewalls and antivirus programs. And to be honest, whoever is able to install Tibia to slay orcs and dragons and demons should be able to install an antivirus program...

@ Misericordiae:

Wise words. We already made some steps in those directions and we now just have to keep walking.

@ Ryu Dark Furious:

> I think English and German are not the only language required
> for working at CipSoft. I could see knowledge of acronyms should
> also be required.

Hihihi, yeah, but we programmers all had years of training for "geek speak" in the university courses we attended

So, back to work now, have to finish some stuff today which you will definitely be interested in.

(harr, harr, I love teasers...)