6. Akananto says... V

Akananto - 23.11.2009 11:00:52

Monday morning geek speak post:

@ Zelush: yes, we do know of JavaFX and it was part of our discussion "how to get Tibia in the browser?".

@ Wiesiu: like I already said it is simply not decided yet what we do with the current client if the Flash client is released - which itself is not really fully decided yet.

@ Misericordiae: regarding boards and blogs and anything else regarding the community is in the hands of the community managers.

> [regarding Tibia client and used operating systems]
> Question is what is cause and what is result in this case

Indeed. Actually I was surprised in a negative way to see the use of the Linux client being so low after we put so much time into making the Linux client work.

> [...] I don't think you really have any usability specialist in
> your team, or even better interaction designer. It doesn't looks
> like you even feel the need for one. [...] just most of new
> features bear clear signs of deparments that was developing it.

You're right that we don't have a dedicated person for this task. Nevertheless the topic "usability" receives a lot more attention from us during the development of the Flash client. Last week at CipSoft there even was a "user interface only" test for "yet another user interface" for FictionFighters. So it seems we're already in the direction you suggested.

@ Exaga:

> Yes, I agree. One of the strong points about Tibia, as we know it,
> is the user-friendliness. If that should change dramatically then
> it would surely ruin the gameplay.

And there's already the problem: in case we change the user interface in a too radical way we might scare away our existing users, no matter how much "better" the new user interface would be. In FictionFighters we still can overthrow a lot of things as it does not have a userbase yet, so the user interface design process is a lot easier and a lot more radical there.

@ Aaron Ronin: hotkey profiles, oh, yes, we do have plans there On the other hand the implementation of the minimap is still unclear, we just have some rough ideas there.

@ Misericordiae: Tibia will remain TCP. XMPP not planned so far but I've spoken to somebody from Ankama Group, the company behind Dofus, and they made very good experiences with XMPP. ChromiumOS is the same with WebGL: it's "not really there" yet.

@ Jeagoss Astera:

> In Mother Russia, Action Scripts You.........


@ Exaga: in Flash/Flex you can simply open TCP sockets by now, don't even have to be XML encoded anymore.

@ Misericordiae: choosing a good font is on the todo-list. We even already have a font rendering test application in Flash where we can try out different stuff.

@ Exaga: no, we have not considered Python for the client as that's not "how to get Tibia in the browser?"

@ Aleppe: CipSoft has a lot of experience with PHP and very few experience with Python - that means we'll stick to PHP server-side in the foreseeable future. Regarding decompilation I'll just say we won't publish the client unprotected. Regarding security I'll just say that we already put a lot of time and brain into it and will continue to do so.

Okeydokey, now I have to go back to work, have a nice week!