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5. Summary of the Feedback

Hello everyone. I will just quickly summarize what you have brought up. I will leave out additional proposals here like the purple skull etc. Those proposals are also noted, will not be done with the first step but we will not forget them in the future.

Now to the feedback: Generally speaking the introduction of some kind of a war mode has the support of most people posting here. The exception are those who see their single aim in war in creating the following effects for their opponents:
  • Get them permanently hunted
  • Make them bankrupt
  • Hinder them from hunting, leveling, experiencing
  • Personally destroying their playing experience
I will say this once more: This kind of motivation is something that we will never systematically support. Therefore, complaints that the war system will not enable people to continue doing that will be ignored. We know some people play like that, but we do not want people to play like that.

Now, to the more constructive feedback. The main points that were raised are:

  • Leaving and joining war guilds at any time will be abused.

    Valid point. We will keep the leaving at any time but we'll think of some restriction concerning joining and rejoining.

  • Hacked characters or spies, traitors etc can make a guild lose the war by suiciding.

    Valid point. We will think of some restriction to stop that from happening. We'll think of a good maximum of war frags one character can cause in one day.

  • Neutral characters can abuse trapping and blocking, especially on non-PvP.

    Valid point. We will think of a good way to stop that from happening.

  • Neutral characters can interfere for example by healing war fighters, especially on non-PvP.

    Valid point. We will find a way to stop that from happening too.

  • On non-PvP, guilds can declare war to be able to train their skills with each other.

    Valid point. We will also make that impossible.

  • Generally speaking, changing the definition of the current server types is a bad idea. This comes for the most part from non-PvP players.

    We understand your concern. However, we have already decided that we have to rethink the definition of all server types in general and realign them in such a way that each of the three types makes sense and that each is a valid option to chose. We will make sure however that the most basic part of the non-PvP definition will remain untouched: You will never have to fight PvP if you do not want to, you can always say you do not want to fight, you can fully protect this on this server type, however it will be called in the future.

  • Do not underestimate the "social pressure" that can force people on former non-PvP worlds into PvP.

    Your arguments are noted. From what has been presented as means to do this however, we see that in order to do this, people have to abuse one of the other problems like blocking, trapping etc. We want to adress those problems individually. We are convinced that once these problems are under control, the "pressuring" will vanish alongside.

We are already working on the details to solutions to the points listed above. You can now still comment on whether we may have overlooked a critical point.

We will keep an eye on your comments. We will post again once we have worked out the mentioned details.