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4. Remembering nice proposals for later and one more comment on criticism

Adding a few proposals to the list of things we might add at a later stage but not this time
  • Reducing limits of unjustified kills to get skulls.
  • PvP-Arenas
  • Duels
  • Scores for individual fraggers
  • Many other very nice ideas

One more comment on criticism
  • "Cip doesn't understand the fight for power involved in a war, they think people fight for fighting only. We all know people fight to have power, to destroy their enemys, to control the world, to be respected."
What some people do not realize is that we do very well know how wars work right now. The problem is that you expect us to make the system so that it still works exactly how you currently do it. We, however, have already declared that we do not want to support a fight for power, the goal to ultimately destroy the game experience for anyone and the wish to control a world and impose your own laws on other players. Therefore, the war system we design will of course not satisfy those who want to play that way. We want people to fight only for fighting. We do not think they currently do that, but we want them to.