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3. Some comments on very valid points raised

  •   Leaving and joining war guilds at any time is not good
The points that were raised are indeed very good. We will therefore change this part slightly:

We will still make it possible to leave at any time. The reason is that the leader must be able to kick a spy / traitor at any time. If however the leader is able to kick, we might as well also let the player leave by himself. People can only leave a guild while they are offline anyways. That removes the risk of someone becoming unmarked from war in the middle of a battle because that person cannot log out having a battle sign, thus he cannot leave the guild either at that moment.

We have also thought about the proposal to have the opposing leader agree. This however would enable that opposing leader to make sure that a spy / traitor he already has in the other guild cannot be excluded from that guild, which is again the same problem as above.

Individual payments were also talked about. For now, we will not include any systematic support for those. We expect however that a guild leader will make sure every member pays his share into the guild bank account before a war anyways. Consequently, when one of the members leaves a war, he will loose that money he put into the guild bank account. It is a kind of manual way to punish each member for leaving, but you have the means at hand.

Therefore, we propose to add: We will make it harder to join a war guild. We are thinking of closing recruitment completely for guilds in war. Alternatively, we might introduce some waiting period until you can join a guild in war, maybe something like 7 days or so.

  • A spy / traitor / hacked character can make a guild loose a war by suiciding
Good point. We generally are of the opinion that hacking is something that the holders of the account are held responsible for. The problem here however can also be cause by other means and it hurts others.

Therefore, we propose to add: We could make it so that only something around deaths on one day of the same character will be counted as war frags. This way, the guy can continue playing, he can also participate in the war, but his deaths on that day will not be counted to the war frags anymore.

  • Can we get messages about war frags in the guild channel?
Very nice idea.

We propose to add: Well, we'll first check how best to do this guild messaging generally. Once we clarified this, we might add messages like these examples:

- "The opponent [CharacterName] of the [GuildName] was killed by [CharacterName[, ...]]. The new frag score is [OwnFrags:OpponentFrags] (Limit [FragLimit])"
- "The guild member [CharacterName] was killed by [CharacterName[, ...]] of the [GuildName]. The new frag score is [OwnFrags:OpponentFrags] (Limit [FragLimit])."
- "Congratulations! You won the war against the [GuildName]."
- "Condolence! You lost the war against the [GuildName]."