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2. Some clarifications to some questions, Part II

  •  War Points: The system will be abused by people creating low level guilds to get points or splitting up to get points from each other
We will make sure that this will actually not work. For example, a guild that has a high score fighting against a low level guild with a low score will basically not generate enough points to be relevant. Additionally, guilds cannot do that too quickly since wars always start the next day at server save and last a minimum of 7 days. We will probably stop the guilds from surrendering before 7 days have passed because the initially agreed to a war lasting at least that long. This way, one guild can only do this very slowly. Additionally, there will probably be a point where a high ranking war guild will not get any points anymore for winning against a low ranked one.

The second way would be two high ranking guilds making wars and exchanging points. This will also be handled. If two guilds just keep altering between winning and loosing, both will actually loose more than they will win, so this abuse will also not work.

We have not worked out the exact details, but rest assured, we will make sure than war points can only be obtained enough to play a role in the highscores by really fighting true wars.

  • Will Rookgaardians be able to use this system?
Short answer: No.

  • Why can the leader pass the leadership to some noob and then leave?
Well, on the one hand, he also looses his share in the guild bank account if he abandons his guild. Secondly, if we do not allow this, then war guilds will simply generally have a low level trash account as leader (which actually already is the case now often), therefore it would not really change anything. Why make it harder for people to still do what we cannot stop from happening anyways?