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1. Some clarifications to some questions, Part I

    • Who's idea is it and did Cip check the proposals?
    Of course we read about 30 threads with proposals to war modes, war systems, war servers etc. All of them were very interesting and many of them have many features in common that are now also part of this proposal. This is a good example where player proposals are really considered very carefully. I wish to utter an honest "thank you" to all those of you who have proposed something related to this. We have read your proposals, used many parts of it and constructed this plan from the sum of all those proposals. You may criticise us for using ideas that are not our own, but we think that when you, our player base, suggest something that is possible and wanted by many, why should we not just follow your ideas if they do not create problems?

    • Non-PvP: Can people outside a war take any damage?
    No, we will make sure that the principle of that world, that nobody who does not want to fight can in any way get into a fight unwittingly, will be upheld. We will make sure that even area damage will only affect those it should affect. There will also be no friendly fire, meaning that you will not even hit your own guildmembers with them. We will also not change the fire fields.

    • Non-PvP: Abuse of this system? "The trouble makers can make up a guild and start to mess with weaker guilds and players to force them into a war , and just keep refusing a war proposal of a stronger guild."
    This is actually a contradictory statement. True, a trouble maker guild can just refuse war declarations of stronger guilds, but of course, since they can do that, the weaker guilds can also keep refusing their war declarations. People are already messing with people on non-PvP and this system does not change the way they can do that. It is only an additional option.

    • Non-PvP: People can heal warmongers?
    We will also make it so that the support healing cannot be done if you are not in the war. We may do this in such way that you can only heal others that are in your party in the future, but this is not certain yet. We will for sure address the healing issue.

    • People can block and trap while not being in the war?
    This problem is bigger on non-PvP but also exists in the other servers. Blocking and trapping however is a different problem that we will deal with seperately.
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